The 01 Board Series: Quality Meets Affordability

optimized for design, quality, and affordability; Guaranteed to appease each and every rider.

Our board gives you the option to go remoteless

or use the in-app remote.

full of saftey features; it's a board made for casual riders.

but remains nimble and reliable at speeds of 22mph+. perfect for thrill seekers.

Hear What Others Have to Say.

Jim S.

"This board very well might be the Boosted killer. Quick to learn, intuitive, fun, well-priced and did I say fun. Hats off to Sapphire team for making such an awesome ride."

Justin K.

"Been beating LA traffic with this board! Ive also beat an Uber ride from Venice to Santa Monica by a landslide ever since then I’ve been in love with the board! 4.9 stars just because it doesn’t come with cup holders lol but really 5/5 stars!"

Danny M.

"These boards are the real deal. The people over at Sapphire accomplished what no one else has been able to do. Creating a weight sensitive board that moves and rides exactly as you expect, giving you the freedom to ride it like a board should be ridden. Everything from the sleek exterior down to the smallest details, it totally outpaces any competition."

All You Have To Do Is Pick Your Ride

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01 Lite

$500 - $600

  • Hands-Free Stance Control
  • Mobile App Control
  • Climbing Ability: 16% Hill Grade
  • Range : 7 mi (standard range) 12 mi (extended range)
  • Top Speed : 18 mph
  • Single Motor Power : 500W

01 Pro


  • Hands-Free Stance Control
  • Mobile App Control
  • Climbing Ability: 25% Hill Grade
  • Range : 12 mi
  • Top Speed : 22 mph
  • Dual Motor Power : 1000W